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Revival of the ACT: everything you need to know about the upcoming ACT’s

ACT studying information with Burks

Mckenzie Wade, News Editor

October 12, 2020

The new school year is in full swing at Blackman High. This year in-school and distance learners have both been bombarded with countless tests, quizzes, and football games. Students are either working hard or hardly working under the two options for education. This year, Blackman High’s senior...

How to raise your ACT score

How to raise your ACT score

Maddy Williams, Editor in Chief

April 14, 2020

When applying for college, college applications always ask for your ACT score, and many colleges have ACT requirements to apply for the college or certain scholarships. The ACT is a monumental step in applying to colleges and getting scholarships. With that being said, you need to study in order to make...

Senior planning as a junior

Senior planning as a junior

Ally Blake, Reporter

March 4, 2020

Rising seniors, in 2021 you’ll be dancing in fancy dresses and suits. You’ll be jingling your keys at the pep rallies, and you’ll be at the apex of high school.   Most importantly, you will be graduating.  Many questions and ideas come about when thinking of college, but which questions...

Preparing for the ACT

Christina Vongsiharath, Reporter

October 14, 2019

ACT Prep:  As the ACT approaches, here are some strategies that will help you ace the test:  Don’t stress and get enough rest!  To do well on the exam, it is important to relax before test day comes. Try to watch a movie or hang out with your friends instead of cramming the night before. Prepare all your materials, so you don’t stress on test day. Getting enough sleep wi...

Blackman’s National AP Scholars

Zach Adams, Blackman 2017 alumnus, smiles bright in full graduate gear.

Megan Roth, News Reporter

September 28, 2017

Zach Adams, 2017 graduate, Nathan Jenkins,  and Luke Porter, seniors, are Blackman's National AP Scholars. This involves earning a four or higher on a minimum of eight AP exams and having an average of at least a four on all AP exams taken.   "Start early taking AP's. You're never going to make a 4 or higher on 8 exams if you don't take 8 or more classes," Adams stated. "Eight AP tests is a lot so start early, and take the ...

September ACT Free for Tennessee Seniors: Register Now!

September ACT Free for Tennessee Seniors: Register Now!

Neko Collins, News Editor

September 2, 2016

On  October 22nd, seniors have the opportunity to retake the ACT for free if they have registered on the ACT website by September 18th. Though the test is not mandatory, students are encouraged to take the test for the opportunity to improve their scores. A voucher should have been mailed to...