Blackman’s National AP Scholars

Academic Excellence


Zach Adams, Blackman 2017 alumnus, smiles bright in full graduate gear.

Megan Roth, News Reporter

Zach Adams, 2017 graduate, Nathan Jenkins,  and Luke Porter, seniors, are Blackman’s National AP Scholars.

This involves earning a four or higher on a minimum of eight AP exams and having an average of at least a four on all AP exams taken.  

“Start early taking AP’s. You’re never going to make a 4 or higher on 8 exams if you don’t take 8 or more classes,” Adams stated.

“Eight AP tests is a lot so start early, and take the content seriously,” said Porter.

Pictured above is Luke Porter, high school senior and AP scholar.

While taking AP tests can be a daunting task, here are some tips on how to succeed.  

“Actually study, never go into an AP exam not having studied at least a little. And get help from your teachers. Take advantage of after school study sessions and practice tests,” said Adams.  

Jenkins added, “Don’t try and memorize all the material the day before the exam, set aside a few weeks dedicated to studying for that particular subject.” 

Nathan Jenkins, 12th, smiles for the camera.

Along with being National AP Scholars, they all got high scores on their ACTs. Adams and Porter obtained a 34 and Jenkins scored a 36. 

You might think taking this many AP classes wouldn’t allow you to be an active member in any sports or clubs, but this is not the case with these three. Adams was the graphics editor of The Blackman Voice, Jenkins is an avid member of the National Honor society, and Porter is one of the captains on the crosscountry team. 

Adams currently attends Washington University in St. Louis, MO, as an architecture major. Although Jenkins and Porter have gotten offers from many colleges, they remain undecided at this time.