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ESL graphic

Mrs. Parris: Our Devoted Teacher to ESL Students

Ashley Torres, News Reporter April 11, 2023

English as a Second Language (ESL) is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. With the rise of international communication and the influx of immigrants, the ability to communicate in English...

New Head Coach Graphic

Welcome Back Coach Kriesky!

Allie Giroux, News Reporter April 11, 2023

Blackman has chosen a replacement for Coach Chandler Tygard: Coach Matthew Kriesky is now in the building to lead our football team to bigger and better places.   Kriesky has been a coach for about...

Girls Basketball

Lady Blaze Basketball Coach Q&A

Marciana J. Johnson, Sports Reporter January 19, 2023

At the start of this season, I sat down with the Lady Blaze Coach, Jennifer Grandstaff. We talked about the team, the hopes for the season, and our exceptional players.   What are you looking forward...

Keegan Scott helps conduct the Blaze Football Band

Prism Concert 2022-2023

Demaiia King, News Reporter December 6, 2022

The band put on a Prism Concert spotlighting many committed musicians.

Andrew Reed, J-Mike Oshopp, and Jack Lankford

Seniors are Appreciated Under the Stars 2022-2023

October 31, 2022

Blackman shows appreciation to seniors, the class of 2023.

Officer Beane and Officer Reed

Blackman Welcomes Our New SRO

Allie Giroux, News Reporter October 11, 2022

Officer Curtis Beane joined the Blackman family this year as a School Resource Officer (SRO). An SRO’s job is to protect schools from outside threats and work with schools’ staff to create a safe learning...

Lauren Hutchins does a science experiment with her class.

Lauren Hutchins won BHS 2021-22 teacher of the year

Brenlee Goins, News Editor March 3, 2022

Lauren Hutchins has been selected as Blackman High School’s Teacher of the Year for the 2021-2022 school year. Hutchins is a Comprehensive Development Classes (CDC) teacher, specializing in life...

Officer Mark Meshotto has worked at Blackman High School for 20 years.

From never working with teens to 20 years of experience with them – Meshotto’s SRO Story

Michelle Loria, Reporter January 24, 2022

Twenty years ago, when Blackman High School was in its beginning years, our SRO, Mark Meshotto, came from the Murfreesboro Police department looking for a change in his career. As a layover, he came...

Kim Garrott with her Renaissance seniors at their 2021 Christmas party.

Garrott leaves her mark on BHS

Brenlee Goins, News Editor January 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered who headed up Renaissance Club for the last 21 years? Or who has helped students successfully graduate year after year?   The superhero behind these jobs, among many others,...

Geneva Cook and Sienna Holl are president and vice president of the Rutherford Education Association.

Cook and Holl lead the Rutherford Education Association

Ava Porter, Reporter November 30, 2021

Every American must pass through specific doors at least once in their life to gain higher knowledge about the world around them. The public school system is a system people go through to do this.  In...

Blackman has a new school nurse this year: Nurse Sloan Lowe.

Nurse Lowe: Blackman’s newest superhero

Angel Perez-Escobar, Reporter November 30, 2021

At the beginning of this Blackman welcomed the new school nurse: Sloan Lowe.   After having a peer with Cystic fibrosis, Lowe decided to go into the medical field. Cystic fibrosis is a rare disease...

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