Ali Vice: A Rising Actress


Katelyn Morrow, Reporter

Ali Vice, a former Blackman student, graduated in 2007 and is slowly making her dreams of becoming a performer come true. 

Since graduating, Vice has gotten involved with Bollywood, the Indian-Hindi film industry. 

“I went on a study abroad to India, and we had independent research projects. I chose dance”, stated Vice.  

The research project introduced her to Bollywood dance, a mix of classical and folk dances. Luckily, Vice was able to participate in Bollywood dance when she moved to Seattle, Washington.  

“Once I moved to Seattle, I found a dance company that does Bollywood dance and now I do it quite often”, stated Vice. Although she enjoyed being a part of this company, she recently joined another one. 

“I recently got into another dance company with mainly people from India. I’m so excited to get to learn and perform with them, stated Vice.  

Before her career in Bollywood, Vice was a student at Blackman. She, like every student, had her own experiences with high school. As some may know, Ali is the daughter of Blackman teacher and soccer coach Bill Vice. She explains what it was like having a parent as a teacher by saying,  

“He has taught my whole life and it was fun to finally get to have him as a teacher. He was inspiring and so much fun to have as a teacher”, stated Vice.  

Vice explained she had more than one favorite teacher and subject in high school. 

“I actually have two. [Sherry] Febles, who used to teach theatre, and [Lois] Walker. My favorite subject was theatre,” said Vice. 

Along with her dancing and performing skills, Ali Vice also writes. At Blackman, she was a part of The Blackman Voice staff.  

“I was the Managing Editor, and sometimes it was really hard. I had to cold call a bunch of people, but it made me get more comfortable talking to people I didn’t know. I don’t miss the calls, but I miss my J-staff famil, including Ms. Walker,” stated Vice.  

In fact, Vice still enjoys writing today.  

“I’m actually working on a novel with my best friend at the moment. It’s fun and a dream of mine that I have wanted to fulfill, so who knows,” stated Vice. 

Other than writing, Vice has a couple other things she enjoys when she’s not hard at work.  

“I love to read, watch movies, go on walks. This is, of course, when I am not in rehearsal with the dance company, I am a part of”, states Vice.  

Although dancing and performing takes up a lot of her time, she always knew she wanted to do this with her life.  

Vice stated, “I have always wanted to be a dancer and perform since I was little. As I got older, I fell in love with being on stage and acting as well. To me, it was a no brainer.” 

Ali Vice has achieved a multitude of accomplishments, but it doesn’t stop there. There are still many things that Vice would like to do in her career.  

“I would love to be performing in regional musicals, and one day I want to own/run a dance company. I want to cast nontraditional dancers and show that dance can be done by anyone and that it can bring about change”, stated Vice.  

Ali Vice has accomplished many things after graduating from Blackman and hopes to continue doing what she loves.