Need to Express Yourself? Art Club!

There are a variety of clubs you can join to express yourself in a creative way. For instance, the Art Club.   

The Art Club is a safe space for students to be able to learn different styles of art, create things with one another, and express themselves in their own creations. The club has been around for a while, though stopping due to Covid-19. It started back up and running at the beginning of this school year.  

Some projects the Art Club is responsible for are a lot of the morals around the school. This includes the “Furnace” painting in the gymnasium and the “Go Blaze” Wall at the entrance of the school, in addition to their float for the Blaze Bash Parade. 

Jay Sisco, senior, likes how inclusive the club is, which provides a learning environment for everyone. 

“My favorite thing is that it’s a lot of people in the same field coming together and working on big projects. The float was really fun and being able to walk with it was probably the best part, ” said Sisco. 

Diversity flows within the club and shows throughout the art. People have different experiences that motivate them to create one thing that might be different from another person. Penelope Cannon, junior, describes what she enjoys about the club. 

“The inclusivity is what I like about the whole club. You get a bunch of people from different backgrounds, and it also contributes to their art which is nice,” stated Cannon,  

Indya Spears, senior, shed light on the planning process of the float and why she liked it. 

“We had these little clouds [on the float], and everybody’s cloud didn’t look the same so that means everybody can express themselves differently in this club, and even when we were deciding what the float was going to be, it was like ‘Bob Ross’, zombies, and ‘Stranger Things.’ Everybody put their own type of twist on an idea so I kind of like that everybody can do whatever they want in this club,” said Spears.  

Asijah Rhea, junior, shared her insights also.  

“When we’re collaborating, everyone has something to say and something to give in. Everyone can put in their own efforts and show what they’re capable of doing in art,” stated Rhea.  

In addition to inclusiveness and assortment, Art Club also provides growth in unity and authority. 

“I think the most it’s [the art club] helped me with is probably teamwork because when you look at art you think there’s just one person doing their own thing. If the other people try to come in and help out or just add their own stuff you get defensive,” said Cannon.  

Art Club also encourages diversity in art.  

“Learning about others, especially because my art style is different from everybody right now,” stated Spears.  

To add on, Rhea explains how she likes the various styles. 

“I learned that a lot of people have different ways of doing their art because there are a lot of different art styles,” said Rhea. Some different art styles include abstract, pop art, and modern. 

“It’s really helped me with helping other people and understanding where they come from art-wise. Like if other people have different skill sets that they’re not good at and some they are good at. So, learning from other people and teaching people,” Sisco explains that Art Club helped with leadership skills and the ability to assist others. 

Art is so important and has such a positive influence on students. Whether you want to join a club to be more involved, try something new, or make more friends, the Art Club could be a great place to start.