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Coming Soon: Seniors, Paint Your Parking Space!

Coming Soon: Seniors, Paint Your Parking Space!

Zoe Vecchio, Graphics Editor

August 26, 2020


FAFSA Information

Jenene Grover, Reporter

October 28, 2019

The time has come for Seniors to start applying for college, scholarships, and financial aid.   The most well-known and important financial aid application is the FAFSA (Free Application for Free Student Aid). The FAFSA is the qualification application for government money, grants, scholarships, ...

TESTS, Tests, and More Tests

TESTS, Tests, and More Tests

May 3, 2019

The 2018-2019 school year is ending soon, and finals are just around the corner!  Now that EOCs are finished, and APs are starting next week, it's also time for finals in non-EOC courses. The exam schedule for seniors is as follows:   May 9th=7th period Senior Exam  May 10th= 5th...

BCA Capstone Gallery

Paz Dozie Nnamah's Capstone Project:

Sienna Phillips, Shamani Salahuddin, Reporter, Photographer

April 5, 2018


And The Award Goes To…

(From left to right) 
Elise Chessor, Alaysha Russell, Carly Bowen, Kenzi Vetter, and Mallory Conlin. Courtesy of Kenzi Vetter

Sienna Phillips, Shamani Salahuddin, Reporters

October 26, 2017

At the District 7- AAA girl soccer finals, five of our very own seniors, Carly Bowen, Elise Chessor, Mallory Conlin, Alaysha Russell, and Kenzi Vetter, were recognized for a dignified season they played this year. Russell and Vetter received the 1st Team All District award. Vetter speaks about...

September ACT Free for Tennessee Seniors: Register Now!

September ACT Free for Tennessee Seniors: Register Now!

Neko Collins, News Editor

September 2, 2016

On  October 22nd, seniors have the opportunity to retake the ACT for free if they have registered on the ACT website by September 18th. Though the test is not mandatory, students are encouraged to take the test for the opportunity to improve their scores. A voucher should have been mailed to...