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Capstone Tips for Rising Seniors

Capstone Tips for Rising Seniors

Byron S. Knight, Reporter February 12, 2024

     The Blackman Collegiate Academy (BCA) offers an extra cord for your graduation gown, preparation for your college workload, and a compelling addition to your college applications. The height of...

Molly Cleghorne, BCA senior, is hosting a lunch in the library to talk about music.

Music is being used to help intergenerational conflict: A lunch for students and teachers

Jenene Grover, Editor in chief October 21, 2021

Want to listen to and look at the lyrics of artists like Elton John, Prince, Boyz II Men, and The Weeknd? Molly Cleghorne, senior, is completing the Capstone Experience class this semester. Cleghorne’s...

Greenhouse Ministries is holding a donation drive at Blackman: here’s why

Jenene Grover, Editor in chief October 20, 2021

Zoe Vecchio, senior, is completing her Blackman Collegiate Academy experience with a Capstone project. Her topic is “The Effects of Mental Health Services on Chronic Homelessness.” For her project,...

Senior capstone symposium

Senior capstone symposium

Shamani Salahuddin, Photo Editor January 13, 2020

The seniors who organized the capstone health fair.

Capstone health fair increases awareness

Lexie Shumate, Reporter December 12, 2019

Students crowd the hallway outside of the cafeteria, each curious about the multiple vendors set up. Lexie Crawford, Calla Shotwell, and Abby Barber, all seniors, anxiously walk around checking the vendors...

Science Day: Bailey Eshelmans Capstone

Science Day: Bailey Eshelman’s Capstone

Mia Isom, Reporter November 19, 2018

  Science Day is a STEM based event for 6th-8th graders. There were three different activities and there were rotations so everyone could see them and experience it for themselves.  The...

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Kayla Donaldson, Reporter November 14, 2018

Mindfulness is the practice of being conscious and present in one's day to day life and could be a remedy to all the stress high school students face. Emma Kassebaum, a senior in the Blackman Collegiate...

Morgan Tinchers Capstone Project: How Genes and Gender Affect a Potential Cure for Lupus centered on how genes and gender affect a potential cure for lupus. She concluded that despite medical advancements and extensive research, lupus is still largely not understood. For Morgans project she partnered with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce to spread awareness at their annual womens conference. She created a pamphlet with information about lupus, a personal testimonial, and resources for those affected. Morgan spoke with several women about their own battles with lupus and answered many questions. Morgan was inspired to do this project from her own lupus diagnosis, and she hopes to spread awareness throughout Murfreesboro.

Surviving Capstone 101 

April 9, 2018

Capstone is right around the corner for rising seniors, and speaking as someone who successfully completed the course, I know how stressful it can be.    I remember April 2017 when I was wondering...

Paz Dozie Nnamahs Capstone Project: Colorism and the Cosmetic Industry focused on colorism and its effect on beauty standards, both nationally and internationally, and the consequences that follow. This past summer, she spent numerous hours collecting and refining online articles, speeches, statistics, and documentaries pertaining to the colorism and its influence on many beauty-dependent industries. She subsequently planned and performed an informative presentation to influential youths that exposes the lack of variety within the cosmetic industry. This was followed by a letter campaign inviting these young individuals to express their opinions on how their favorite companies have either included more diversity in their products or have neglected specific groups of people in their products. Paz was inspired to do this project because it is a continuous trend that she observes daily, and she hops to achieve some changes in mindset on the popular views of conventional beauty.

BCA Capstone Gallery

Sienna Phillips, Shamani Salahuddin, Reporter, Photographer April 5, 2018


Mary Grace Mancuso 
Capstone Project: Shoot for Success 
Mary Grace researched how parental involvement influences criminal behavior. The concluded that maltreatment, the parental influence, and self-treatment of mental disorders were the major predictors of future conduct problems. She also found that it was not just the presence of the parent that mattered, but the quality of the time spent with the child. For her project, Mancuso partnered with the Boys and Girls Club and Blackman Basketball teams for a 2-hour basketball camp. Walmart graciously provided fruit snacks and water for the kids. Mary Grace had three speakers from each team speak about leadership, the importance of school and grades, and what it means to them to be on a team.

Capstone Spotlight: Mary Grace Mancuso

Morgan Tincher, Reporter February 9, 2018

With the end of Capstone for our BCA seniors, we’re highlighting some notable projects. Mary Grace Mancuso researched how parental involvement influences future criminal behavior. She partnered with...

Mens Clothing Drive: Help Someone Start Over!

Men’s Clothing Drive: Help Someone Start Over!

Cierra Williams, News Reporter November 29, 2016

From November 29th to December 9th, Capstone Senior Cierra Williams is hosting a clothing drive. Men’s dress clothes, (i.e. ties, button-up shirts, polos, slacks) are requested. The proceeds will...

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