Music is being used to help intergenerational conflict: A lunch for students and teachers


Courtesy of Molly Cleghorne

Molly Cleghorne, BCA senior, is hosting a lunch in the library to talk about music.

Want to listen to and look at the lyrics of artists like Elton John, Prince, Boyz II Men, and The Weeknd?

Molly Cleghorne, senior, is completing the Capstone Experience class this semester. Cleghorne’s topic was music and its effect on intergenerational conflict.

Cleghorne researched the benefits of teachers connecting with students. These benefits are increased academic achievement and feeling safer in school. Cleghorne incorporates this topic into a project using music to help create the connection.

Cleghorne is hosting a lunch event in the library on Friday, October 22, during all four lunches.

Students and teachers are invited to listen to popular music from the last few decades and discuss it.