A Week In Spring Fashion: Five Outfits for Five Days

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A Week In Spring Fashion: Five Outfits for Five Days

Chloe Blake, Print Editor

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Spring is finally here, which means Spring fashion is back too! Sometimes coming up with outfit ideas that haven’t been too overdone for an upcoming season can be difficult, so I put together five outfits for five days that could possibly spark inspiration for future fashion endeavors. Considering Murfreesboro has taken a bit of time transitioning into this Spring season, some of these outfits are a bit warmer than others, but all in all there’s a little mix of everything.

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  • Monday: Since it's still been a little chilly in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, I opted for a a cozier Spring outfit. Jacket: Old Navy Dress: H&M Tights: Target Shoes: Doc Martens

  • Tuesday:For Tuesday I continued the dress theme to give the look a more Springy vibe, but this time I layered it with a sweater to add warmth, as well as a belt so as not to lose the overall shape of my figure. I paired this outfit with some classic Air Force 1's.Sweater: ThriftedDress: Altar'd StateShoes: Nike Air Force Ones

  • Wednesday: For Wednesday I decided to go for a more comfortable look while still maintaining fashionable pieces. Jacket: Zaful Shirt: Thrifted Jeans: Pacsun Shoes: Nike Air Force Ones

  • Thursday: It was a little chilly this day and I was in the mood to dress more comfy than usual. Sweater: Thrifted Shirt: H&M Jeans: Pacsun Shoes: BANGS Nautical Mile High-tops

  • Friday: By Friday it had warmed up a decent amount so I chose to go with a t-shirt and add a little more flare by tucking it into a trendy pair of jeans and pairing it with some of my favorite fun booties. Shirt: Harry Styles Merchandise Jeans: Target Belt: Thrifted Shoes: T.J.Maxx