Cling, the new wave at BHS




Verb, (of a person or animal) hold on tightly to. 

From a doodle to the bodies of BHS students, Cling is the new must have brand. Carlos Coronel, Nel Quintanilla, and Mollee McIndoo, seniors, are the minds behind the new school streetwear inspired clothing line.  

The brand was established in 2019 by the group of friends and their mutual love for fashion. Coronel seemingly brought the group together.

“I was friends with both of them separately and we all kind of came together this year,” stated Coronel. 

The friends shared a passion for art in the form of clothing. Quintanilla proposed the idea and began making their dreams a reality.

“We always wanted to start a clothing brand,” McIndoo spoke. 

During his Honors Pre-Calculus class, Quintanilla came up with the original cling doodle.

“I was bored in Pre-Cal and just started drawing,” He stated.  

They decided on the name ‘Cling’ for their company.

“Cling looked really good in the orginal design, and also the literal definition of the word as well,” stated Quintanilla. 

For their first drop, the group agreed on two designs, the original cling doodle and a skeleton for Halloween. The designs come in either black or white with sizes ranging from S-XL. The shirts are made of a sturdy but soft material, great for everyday wear. 

The group unanimously agreed that their success on their first drop was unexpected. 

“To be honest, we didn’t’ think this many people would buy it,” spoke McIndoo. 

Although they all take part in the designing of the clothing, each of them has a favorite part of the creating process.

“I’m really into the social media marketing and video editing side of things, Nel and Mollee really like the designing and drawing part,” stated Coronel. 

All three of the founders agree that their love of fashion and their friendship makes the job easy.

“We’re all really into fashion and stuff like that so it was just perfect,” spoke Quintanilla.  

When asked what they see for the future of the brand, the trio had nothing but promising things to say.

“We’ve got a lot more than just shirts coming,” stated Coronel. 

For the founders of the company, cling is more than just a word.

“The message is really just to be yourself and do what you want,” spoke Coronel. 

The trio are sure to have a bright future in art and design with plans to expand their business. The teens have their fingers on the pulse of the new streetwear scene and have no plans of letting up anytime soon. 



Official Instagram: @itscling 

Founders: @carloscoronel 



Website:  Use code ‘FREESHIPPING’