Blackman’s Very Own Entrepreneur


Demaiia King

Gary Willis’ logo for his business.

Have you ever wanted to start a business, but questioned whether you could succeed? When thinking of starting a business, you imagine an adult far done with high school and making a living for themselves.  

What if I told you that you could be an entrepreneur and walk past one in the hallway every day? Gary Willis, junior, started a business and you can, too!  

Wanting to inspire others, Willis, during his freshman year of high school, started a brand he calls, Gifted Kingz. He sells shirts, hoodies, hats, and small accessories, such as bath products.  

When starting a business, you want to sell something that people will always need or take something that is already there and modernize it. Examples would be tutoring or photography. If not that, then take something you enjoy and sell it for profit. 

Adapting to change in your business is also important. To keep consumers entertained, it is useful to think of new ways to renovate your products and express your skill set. 

To advertise, he has a website, in addition to making in-person appearances, like venues, for example. He also uses social media platforms, namely Instagram, which got quite a lot of attention at the start of his career.  

“Consistency. Balancing out my business, while still maintaining school and sports,” said Willis explaining the biggest challenge as a student running a professional business. In addition to his clothing brand, he maintains his grades, choir, and track.   

Self-care is vital. In school and especially in starting a business. The stress from tests, homework, friends, and maintaining a side profession can hinder your ability to thrive in any given situation.  

Having a balanced diet, good rest, and setting boundaries between work, school, and friends can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by daily obligations. 

“My goal is to get [my business] more out there to the public and get people to understand the message,” stated Willis when asked what his goal was in accomplishing his brand. 

His overall mission statement is to inspire others to express themselves and show them that they are special in their own way.  

“Where fashion meets purpose!” stated Willis’s website. 

Starting your own business can give you a sense of motivation, responsibility, and empowerment in yourself and your community.  


To check out his brand you can go to:  

To look at his Instagram: @gifted_kingz 

Email: [email protected]