Makeup: The Do’s and Don’t’s of the Artform

Makeup is a way that anyone can express themselves. Whether it be that you just want to do art on your face or you want to cover up any blemishes you have, we all have one thing in common: tips to make your makeup look better. We all want to look the best we can and here are some ways how! 

  1.  ALWAYS use a CLEAN beauty blender and/or brush. This is super important for keeping your face clean and free of germs that may come onto the product and then onto the skin. The easiest way to clean your makeup brushes or sponges is to use a bar of soap and clean, running water. The running water will help speed up the cleaning process. 
  2. When you’re at Sephora or Ulta getting matched for that perfect foundation shade, always take about five minutes after you match yourself or after the employee matches you. There is curse word in the makeup community called oxidization. This word may be “forbidden” in the makeup community, but it is totally true. You need to wait for your makeup to fully “get to know” your skin before you know it’s the right shade or not. 
  3. Blend, blend, BLEND! Blending out your makeup is so important and here is why: you don’t want to be the one person sticking out in the squad picture that has an orange face and a pale neck. Not fun at all. Blending out is not as complicated as it may seem. Just do even strokes from your jawline all the way to your neck and covering your ears. This will give people the allusion that they think you’re not even wearing makeup. 
  4. If you contour (which you should for sure try!), always make sure that the contour isn’t too dark or too light for your skin tone. This may sound insane, but they have contour for dark skinned and light skinned people, go figure, right? If you’re a lighter skinned person, go for the contouring kit that is for Light to Medium skin tone. If you’re a darker skinned person, go for the contouring kit that is for Medium to Dark skin tone. Many people don’t realize that there are different ones! 
  5. The final tip is to make sure your eyebrows are SISTERS and not TWINS. You want to achieve the natural look. You don’t want to look like you were made in a factory. To have your eyebrows sister snatched, you need to pick out a shade that matches your eyebrow color. Your hair and your eyebrows may be different shades, so don’t panic if the gel, pencil, or pomade may be a little dark or light at first.  
  6. Along with your eyebrow’s shape, you always want to use an eyebrow brush that has a mascara wand on one end and the angled eyebrow brush on the other. Brush your eyebrow hairs DOWNWARD to begin with. You want to follow your natural eyebrow shape when you’re tracing the line of hairs. When you’re done with that, brush your eyebrows UPWARD and do the same thing. If you need to touch up here or there, clean off the angled side of the eyebrow brush and use concealer to touch up and areas. 

These tips may not be for everyone, but it is worth a try! Makeup may be a completely different art form to you. You may feel like you have no idea what you are doing, but practice makes perfect. You always can to expand your talents to other areas. Makeup takes many times to get right! Practice, practice, practice!