Noah Boyd: A Closer Look

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Noah Boyd getting his Eagle Scout Certification. Photo courtesy of Donna Boyd

Sophomore Noah Boyd has once again qualified for his second consecutive trip to state. Boyd beat his personal best and ranking not once but twice in two different events.  

He qualified for three different events but only competed in two because of swimming guidelines. Boyd chose the 100 Fly and 100 Back, good choices considering how high he ranked. 

Although it is a part of his everyday life, swimming is not the only thing that Noah enjoys. He is a huge outdoorsman and enjoys camping and spending time by the creek behind his house.  

In his free time during the school year, Noah usually sleeps. During the summer, he enjoys camping and going out with his group of friends. He is also a huge fan of video games like Fortnite. 

“One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m a Boy Scout,” commented Boyd.  

He is currently working towards his Eagle Scout certification. One of his favorite parts about this journey are some of the cool places he’s visited. 

“I recently went to the Sam Davis House and did gardening and landscaping” Boyd said in relation to, his Eagle Scout requirements. 

Noah was quick to mention a few of the extraordinary people in his life like Jennifer Watkins, swimming coach, and Robert Eidemiller, assistant swim coach. 

“Noah Boyd is a very dedicated swimmer for BHS who always gives 110% in the pool both at practice and at meets.” commented Jennifer Watkins, swimming coach. 

Noah accepting his Eagle Scout certification. Photo courtesy of Donna Boyd

Boyd is often asked what made him chose to become a swimmer. 

“Honestly, I hate running, so swimming was one of the sports that didn’t involve running. And my whole life I’ve been drawn to the water,” explained Boyd. 

Boyd has also been working on getting his lifeguard certification.  

In addition to swimming for BHS, Noah excels in science courses; his personal favorite is chemistry. 

Boyd said would like to attend a college in either Florida or Texas where the swimming programs are the best.  

“I would love to go to college for swimming, but I’m not tying myself down to one thing. If a college with a great academic program happens to interest me, then I’ll do that,” stated Boyd.