The Pudding Guy

Megan Roth, News Reporter

Senior, Vincent Arcomano, (also goes by “The Pudding Guy”)

Have you ever been sitting in class craving pudding? Don’t want to go to the store? Vincent Arcomano has your back. For the past five weeks Arcomano has been bringing in pudding for everyone in his 2nd and 5th period classes.

“Someone said that they wanted some pudding in one of my classes and so I started bringing it in in case anyone else wanted any” says Arcomano.

Arcomano plans to keep this going as long as he is able to purchase the pudding; however, for the past two weeks Arcomano says that the store has been out of pudding.

When asked why he was giving out free pudding Arcomano stated,

“This isn’t a random act of kindness or anything I just had a lot of pudding and I figured I could hand it out”.

Not a fan of pudding? Arcomano says he would be open to any new ideas if anyone wanted something different. To get in contact with him you can snapchat him at dugaboth0505.

“I tried to give it out in 3rd, 6th, and 7th period, but they didn’t enjoy it as much as 2nd and 5th so I decided to keep it going only in those periods” stated Arcomano.

When asked if passing the pudding out during class was disrupting, Ms. Walker, the psychology teacher at Blackman, stated, “No, he did it at the beginning of the class period”.

After Arcomano passed out the pudding, Ms. Walker describes, “It put all the students in an excellent mood”.

From these positive results, who knows if doing this weekly could help Blackman students remember to show kindness to everyone.