New Teachers in the Know: Ben Caudill

Yohana Michael, Reporter

Teaching geometry is just one of the many things that Blackman High school football coach, Ben Caudill, enjoys.

Born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee, Caudill decided to pursue his career as a geometry teacher studying at the private, Christian liberal arts university Harding University in Arkansas. He had several influential coaches and a few teachers that invested in him.

He felt like he had a “similar skill set-gift set-to do the same thing.”

The most difficult part of being a teacher to Caudill is “probably just juggling 140-150 kids-just all their different needs-especially when kids miss class and you’ve got a bunch of things going on.”

Outside the school doors, Caudill enjoys spending time withhis wife and “trying to get away from the grind of football.”

He believes it’s important to cherish as much time with your family as possible.

Besides that, Caudill enjoys eating a nice, juicy steak and will always have a jam session anytime the country tunes play through the radio.

And most importantly, Ben Caudill’s favorite thing about Blackman High School is”the culture-just among the teachers and faculty-especially the administration.

“It’s one of the best I’ve ever been around.”