New Teachers in the Know: Erika Shanklin

Nikera Simpson, Reporter

Erika Shanklin, a teacher of 10 years, has come to Blackman to teach Integrated Math 1.

Shanklin was born and raised in Murfreesboro, TN. She went to Huntsville, AL for 2 years to go to Auburn. However, she came back to her home town where she graduated from Middle Tennessee State University.

Shanklin enjoys watching sports during her free time, such as: football and basketball. If she’s not doing that, then she is cozying up with a good book to read. She has children, and no pets.

Shanklin said she enjoys teaching, and after changing her major from a pediatrician to a teacher, she said she excelled in her classes.

“The pros of teaching is that once a kid gets it, it is a good feeling to know you’re doing your job. However, the cons are that some kids don’t always have enough support at home for homework etc.”, said Shanklin