New Teachers in the Know: Killian Deats

Mckenzie Clarke, Copy Editor

Mr. Deats is one of many new teachers that the Blackman family has had the privilege of welcoming. Laid back with good energy, Killian Deats was once a part of the student body himself. At one point during our interview he was asked how he liked Blackman; his response was simple and genuine.

“I love Blackman and enjoy coming back to my alma-mater,” said Deats.

Deats’ room lies in the F-hall where most of the foreign languages are taught. He teaches both French I and English I. In addition to asking him how he liked Blackman, the question of  what incited his passion for teaching came up. He stated that the teachers he had in high school are what inspired him to teach.

Although this is his first year teaching at Blackman, Deats is no stranger to the beauty of language. Previously, he worked as a librarian at the Linebaugh Public Library.

Deats’ interests are not limited to the confines of the classroom however. His many hobbies include doing pen and paper rpgs (role-playing games), reading, and writing. He is also a self-described D&D fan, which, for those that don’t know, is short for Dungeons and Dragons.

Lots of his interests include role play of some sort, which falls in line with his other love of theatre. As a student, his favorite class was theatre and his roots in the art is what helps him teach effectively. As Mr. Deats puts it:

“Theatre allows you to express yourself. It kinda prepares you for teaching because you have to put on a show everyday,” stated Deats.

Hopefully, with the help of his many skills, he can communicate the spirit of the languages he teaches to his students and have a successful stay at Blackman.