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Midterm exam study tips

Jenene Grover, Reporter

December 12, 2019

Exams, homework, and tests bombard students every step they take. Students in high school have exceedingly high levels of stress, and exam season just increases it.  One of the best ways to avoid being stressed as a student is to spread out your studying. If you only study the night before your exa...

Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating

Mia Isom, Reporter

December 12, 2018

Being a high school student can be time consuming and difficult. Statistically proven in a study by, 86% of high school students admitted to procrastinating on their assignments. Here are some strategies and suggestions on how not to procrastinate and manage your time.  Tip #1: Time Management  Having a lot of work can be stressful and make you feel disorganized, which is where ...

Acne Tips and Tricks

Acne Tips and Tricks

Alaysia Brown, Lifestyles Writer

October 12, 2017

 As teenagers, all of our bodies are going through the dreaded change of puberty. With this change comes unexpected things like acne.  Male and female teenagers often struggle with pesky bumps or uneven tones in their skin. Whiteheads and blackheads seem to curse our young faces.  Here are a few acne tips from around the internet to help you cope with your ever-changing skin.   #1 Although every single person on the face of the earth has...