Stop Procrastinating


Mia Isom, Reporter

Being a high school student can be time consuming and difficult. Statistically proven in a study by, 86% of high school students admitted to procrastinating on their assignments. Here are some strategies and suggestions on how not to procrastinate and manage your time. 

Tip #1: Time Management 

Having a lot of work can be stressful and make you feel disorganized, which is where time management comes in to play. Write all your tasks down for the day, and tackle the biggest one first. It helps to get an agenda or planner to keep up with your assignments and activities. 

Tip #2: Cancel Out Distractions 

Set all electronics and other distractions aside, and start working immediately. Stop thinking about doing the task and just complete it.  

Some apps to help you cut out these distractions are Offtime, Moment, and Breakfree. There is also a feature on the iPhone that locks you out of your social media apps when you have been on them for too long. 

Tip #3: Pick a Playlist 

Sometimes playing music in the background while doing homework helps people concentrate. Pick and choose your motivational playlist. Make sure it’s something that is going to keep you motivated to finish your designated task.  

If you can work easily with music, listen to an upbeat, intense playlist. If you get easily distracted, then you should listen to a calming playlist. Go to the Blackman Voice’s spotify page and chech out the fall playlist. 

Tip #4: Have a Partner or Group 

Having a partner or group of people working with you helps you get on task. If a group of people get together, one individual who is a procrastinator is more likely to do their work, so that they don’t throw everyone else off. Do not get with a group of procrastinators or nothing will get done. 

Tip #5: Ask for Help 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you are not going to do it. Always ask for help if you are confused or lost. 

There’s a homework hotline that’s available to use. The number is 615-298-6636. You can also use your teacher’s email and ask them for help, or ask someone in your classes who understands the topic for help. 

Procrastination always makes things way more challenging than they should be. That is why it’s  important to use your time wisely and work efficiently. Procrastination takes time away from your life so it’s important that you use these methods to get it back.