Winter Fashion: Tips That’ll Keep You Warm and Stylish


Winter is that season that can be a hit or miss with many fashion staples. Boots like tall boots or chelsea boots: are they in or on their way out? Infinity scarves or wrap around scarves: do we really want to style them?  

There are so many different accessories and staples that you have no idea how to style or work with. Some shoppers have these thoughts going on in their head while shopping for fall.  

Cool tones such as blues and purples are absolutely in for winter this year. Blue sweaters are always a staple to the winter look. With Christmas approaching, red and greens are also a big deal during Winter time. Color schemes including pastels and a touch of black here and there are good for this time of year as well. 

Makeup looks during winter can be a hit or miss. You don’t know whether to do a full glam or subtle look. Best advice during the winter would be to do concealer where it is needed, mascara, and a little bit of lip balm. You’re set with that look because it’s fun and fresh.  

During the colder months, it is probably wise to wear a coat. The thing with coats is that you never know whether to wear a big, puffy coat or a lightweight jacket. Big jackets can be heavy:  you never want to wear them for a long period of time, while lightweight jackets can be not enough coverage.   

While there may be negatives when it comes to jackets this winter, there is a great alternative: a cardigan. The perfect lightweight, yet stylish outerwear that is the best with this time of year. 

All of these winter fashion ideas can be a little intimidating. The colors, the cold, the time: maybe you’ll find a style choice that you love!