Criminal Justice Competition


courtesy of Daniel Parkhurst

The students excelled at all of the competitions.

Maddy Williams, Reporter

Another criminal justice competition is under wraps. Recently, the members of the Criminal Justice Club competed in many events. They placed in every event at the competition.

“These events are very difficult, and I’m extremely proud of our kids. They did so well because of their drive and hard work, and they earned every one of these awards,” said Daniel Parkhurst, Criminal Justice I and II teacher at Blackman.

Blackman placed third overall out of 10. They also placed in many different events.

For example, they placed first in the Felony Traffic Stop as well as second place in Crime Scene Investigation. They also placed second in Domestic Response and Unknown Response.

The Criminal Justice Club’s efforts and hard work paid off in these competitions since they placed in many events. They prepared for these contests every day in class.

The kids were shown competing in a various number of events. This further prepared them for this career and the skills that it will require.

“It was a good experience. I got to learn about how everything fits together for real life and future experiences,” said Mihra Boric, junior.

Furthermore, these events will prepare her for her career; she said she does plan to have a job in criminal justice, so this competition will positively affect her future.

“I want to be working in forensics,” she stated.

We also asked what the competitions were like at the competition. She described that the events ranged in a variety of sill sets.

“Some were domestic, others were mystery cases, as well as DNA where we picked up fingerprints, a mock trial which was like a court case, vocabulary tests, and felony traffic stop,” she mentioned.

Moreover, these competitions were varied in the things they tested which gives the children a taste of the different things they could do in the future. This could help them determine which career they want.

Congratulations to this club for placing in this competition. This accomplishment will prepare these kids for their future.