The Drama at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Unfolds Once Again

Maddy Williams, Reporter

       Grey’s Anatomy season 15 premiered which excited avid watchers of this action-packed show engrossed with commotion.  The mixture of love and tragedy keeps the viewers wanting to see what happens next.

     Here’s a recap of season 14’s finale: April Kepner bounced back from her life-threatening accident. She quit her job at Grey Sloan Memorial and started working at a homeless shelter. However, this hasn’t stopped her from micromanaging Jo and Alex’s wedding.

     Meanwhile, Arizona is planning to leave for New York City to reunite with her daughter. Jo sees Alex before the wedding, breaking traditional rules, and announces that she got a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital; everyone is excited except for Meredith who is sad that Alex will be leaving her soon.

     The staff of the hospital are so excited to attend the wedding ceremony, but they ended up at the wrong wedding, oops. The bride of that wedding collapsed and Miranda and Ben rush her to the hospital. Teddy Altman abruptly arrives and becomes the interim chief of surgery while Miranda Bailey pursues the OR.

     Elsewhere, Jo and Alex are trapped in a shed that they went inside, keeping them from attending their own wedding. Amelia and Owen’s love for each other might be rekindling due to Meredith accusing her as still being in love with him. Deluca and Meredith find Alex and Jo and they set them free after sharing a romantic moment. Matt and April end up getting reengaged due to “fate” which leads to their marriage.

     The season ends with Teddy saying she’s expecting, which could halt Amelia and Owen’s possible love. These surprising events leave the audience wondering what’s going to happen next.

    Season 15 aired September 27th as a two-hour premiere.

     “I hope to see more Meredith and Deluca romance scenes this season,” said Tessa Bartoszek, sophomore. “I don’t want to see main characters die,” she said.

     “I want to see how Alex and Jo’s marriage plays out,” she also mentioned before the premiere.

     Throughout the episode, the audience saw new characters introduced, including a new doctor named Atticus Lincoln, or Linc. There were also new patient and doctor relationships formed. This was exciting to see since this is a monumental part of the show. Also, a new intern chief is needed causing some conflict between characters.

     Another interesting aspect of the premiere was its new technology. Miranda Bailey bought an enclosed space that has a decrease in oxygen, which increases pressure, therefore helping patients heal faster. “The Moon Spa” is what Linc describes it as when he sees it. Questions arise on the efficiency of this machine.

     Romance is another huge aspect of the premiere. Drama unfolds between Teddy, Owen, and Amelia. Jackson and Maggie go through personal changes which influences their relationship. Moreover, a possible love triangle arises between Linc, Meredith, and Deluca. Career paths are also put into question between Jo and Alex, making them wonder if moving is the right idea.

     “I liked how there were more romances created in the premiere and how they showed where previous relationships are now,” said Bartoszek.

     Romance is one thing that drives the audience to keep watching the show so seeing new and old romances coming back to life this season keeps the viewers anticipating for the next episode.

     Per usual, this premiere holds lots of suspense, drama, tragedy, and romance. This keeps the audience on their toes the whole time.