Your Favorite Fall Shows Are Back!

Your Favorite Fall Shows Are Back!

Chloe Blake, Reporter

Your Favorite Fall Shows are Back! 

All of your favorite shows are coming back this Fall, and you don’t want to miss them! 

 1. American Horror Story 

American Horror Story is a horror Fiction television series in which the setting and plot change from season to season. Season seven of the series aired previously on Tuesday, September fifth on FX. 

2. Fuller House 

Fuller House is the sitcom Netflix series bases off of the original show Full House. Season three of Fuller House will premiere Friday, September twenty-second.  

3. Grey’s Anatomy  

Grey’s Anatomy is a romance and drama television series. Season fourteen of Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursday, September twenty-eight on ABC.  

4. Once Upon a Time 

Once Upon a Time is a fantasy and drama television series. Season seven of this show aired Friday, October sixth on ABC.  

5. Supernatural 

Supernatural is a horror Fiction television series. Season thirteen of Supernatural will premiere on Thursday, October twelfth on CW. 

6. The Walking Dead 

The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic Fiction television series.  Season eight of the series premieres Sunday, October twenty-second on AMC.  

7. Stranger Things 

Stranger Things is a science Fiction and supernatural Fiction Netflix series. The second season of the show will be released onto Netflix Tuesday, October thirty-first.