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My Pink Diary Launch

Maddy Williams, Reporter January 25, 2019

A new organization is coming to Blackman High School. Its purpose is to provide support to female students who are dealing with real-world difficulties.   The name of the organization is My Pink Diary,...

Summer Internships for Murfreesboro Teens

Summer Internships for Murfreesboro Teens

Alaysia Brown, Reporter March 6, 2018

As teens, it is hard to find internships that are close by, interesting, and meet our needs.   The perfect time to start applying for theses internships is right now.  Here are a...

Acne Tips and Tricks

Acne Tips and Tricks

Alaysia Brown, Lifestyles Writer October 12, 2017

 As teenagers, all of our bodies are going through the dreaded change of puberty. With this change comes unexpected things like acne.  Male and female teenagers often struggle with pesky bumps or...

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