Summer Internships for Murfreesboro Teens

Alaysia Brown, Reporter

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As teens, it is hard to find internships that are close by, interesting, and meet our needs.  

The perfect time to start applying for theses internships is right now. 

Here are a few of the most fun and quirky summer jobs for young adults. 

Digital Marketing with Drive Social Media offers a good look into the marketing world for aspiring marketing managers or those wanting to run a marketing firm. 

Sony Music Nashville with Sony Music– This job is a perfect fit for the people looking for a job in music production and recording. 

Harper Collins Publishing offers internships for bookworms or would-be authors, a great look at the ins and outs of the publishing business. 

Mechanical Engineering with Tektronix– If you’re interested mechanics or engineering of some sort, giving you real life experience with employers and customers alike. 

Musician’s Corner Summer Internship with Musician’s Corner- A step in the right direction for those interested in the musical arts and what goes on behind the scenes of being a musician.  

Kennel Attendant with Glassdor– The goal of this program is to teach students/adults proper and efficient animal control.  

If YOU know of any other internships, please share with us @