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Thomas Paine: Americas Greatest Founding Father

Thomas Paine: America’s Greatest Founding Father

Byron S. Knight, Reporter April 9, 2024

   In America it is common to study, discuss, and appeal to the political, philosophical, and military leaders that conceived of and fought for a republic independent from Great Britain.     ...

Easter: History of the Holiday and Traditions Around the World

Easter: History of the Holiday and Traditions Around the World

Abigail Hord, Reporter March 21, 2024

   The history of Easter has origins in both Christianity and ancient pagan culture. The holiday was originally a pagan holiday; it has been associated to a pagan spring festival, dating back before...

Womens History Month. Maia, Tristan

Influential and Underappreciated Women in History

Maia O’Brien and Tristan Hansen March 21, 2024

   Women’s History Month is a great time to recognize the women throughout history and around the world whose contributions have helped shape our world today. There are many women who fought against...

The History of Veterans Day

The History of Veterans Day

Freddie Brock, Reporter November 10, 2023

   On Nov. 11, Americans celebrate Veterans Day. It’s a day to honor military veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces.      Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was established...

The History of Friday the 13th

The History of Friday the 13th

Marciana J. Johnson, Sports Editor October 12, 2023

Friday the 13th is known as a day of misfortune, starting in the 19th century. In a French play, a man had stated he had an unfortunate life starting on the day he was born, which just so happened to...

Mason Sells

Mason Sells Making History

Kaiden Farmer, Sports Reporter April 19, 2023

Mason Sells made history as he is the first Blackman wrestler to be a 4x state medalist. Sells was a stud from the start as he placed 4th in the state tournament his freshman year.  In his second...

St. Patricks Day Graphic

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

Demaiia King, News Reporter March 17, 2023

Every year on March 17 is the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s tradition that we dress in green and collect chocolate gold coins, but what is the meaning behind St. Patrick’s Day, and why do...

Valentines Day

The History of Valentine’s Day

Jahzara Veasey, Business Manager February 16, 2023

Valentine’s Day is the day when everybody gets together to show their love for their family, friends, and other loved ones. However, many don’t know about the history of Valentine's Day and how it...

History of being Thankful

History of being Thankful

Jahzara Veasey, Business Manager December 12, 2022

The history of Thanksgiving started in England during the 15th century. King James I and his successor, King Charles I, were hostile to Puritans. This led to the colonization of America because many Puritans...

Halloween jack o lantern made with carved pumpkins. Original public domain image from Flickr

Halloween’s Haunted History

Ava Porter, Editor-in-Chief October 31, 2022

 People have spent October watching scary movies, carving pumpkins, and shopping for costumes. It is now Halloween night, and kids are dressed up in costumes, running up to doors, screaming “Trick or...

Jane Austen is an influential writer and famous author for books like Emma, Pride and Prejudice, and others.

Women have been breaking barriers since the beginning

Mckenzie Wade, Reporter March 24, 2022

Since the beginning of time women have played a pivotal role in all areas of history and continue to. Women are strong, they always have been, and continue to break barriers and pave the way for future...

Blackman offered a new semester class called History of Women in America.

Blackman offers new course focusing on women’s history

Jenene Grover, Editor in chief January 21, 2022

Blackman High School has had some changes in the curriculum this year, both adding and subtracting classes.  The newest addition this year was History of Women in America.  Just before the summer,...

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