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Inflation Graphic

Inflation: How has rising prices affected the United States?

Ashley Torres, News Reporter February 28, 2023

The general increase in prices for goods and services over time, most commonly known as inflation, had not been a severe problem in the United States since 1982 until COVID-19 hit and the US was faced...

Valentines Day

The History of Valentine’s Day

Jahzara Veasey, Business Manager February 16, 2023

Valentine’s Day is the day when everybody gets together to show their love for their family, friends, and other loved ones. However, many don’t know about the history of Valentine's Day and how it...

Summer Job Graphic

What to Know When Considering a Summer Job!

Demaiia King, News Reporter February 9, 2023

As the end of the school year approaches, most of us are already preparing for the summer. For instance, planning a trip, hanging out with some family members or anticipating a summer job.   Though...

Queen Elizabeth Graphic

The Long Life of Queen Elizabeth

Maia O’Brien, News Reporter October 11, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II of England was the longest reigning British monarch who helped modernize the monarchy, and she brought stability to the throne. She cared deeply for her family, her people, and the various...

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