The Blackman Voice

New Teachers in the Know: Coach Alex Trakas

Molly Lemoine, Reporter

August 26, 2016

Ohio State Alumni, football coach, and teacher here at Blackman, Alex Trakas has a lot to be proud of. Alex Trakas coached Ravenwoods football team for five years, eventually bringing his team to the State Championship. Then, he left Ravenwood and coached at Oakland for a year.  Finally, Trakas found...

New Teachers in the Know: Erika Shanklin

Nikera Simpson, Reporter

August 26, 2016

Erika Shanklin, a teacher of 10 years, has come to Blackman to teach Integrated Math 1. Shanklin was born and raised in Murfreesboro, TN. She went to Huntsville, AL for 2 years to go to Auburn. However, she came back to her home town where she graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. Shanklin...

New Teachers in the Know: Justin Cunningham

Cierra Williams, Reporter

August 26, 2016

Justin Cunningham is not just a teacher, he wants to make an impact. "I always wanted to be around kids and change lives." He is a graduate of Austin Peay State University, where he earned a degree in special education. He is a lover of sports and is a Blackman football coach. His favorite sports...

New Teachers in the Know: Ben Caudill

Yohana Michael, Reporter

August 26, 2016

Teaching geometry is just one of the many things that Blackman High school football coach, Ben Caudill, enjoys. Born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee, Caudill decided to pursue his career as a geometry teacher studying at the private, Christian liberal arts university Harding University in Arkansas....

New Teachers in the Know: Killian Deats

Mckenzie Clarke, Copy Editor

August 25, 2016

Mr. Deats is one of many new teachers that the Blackman family has had the privilege of welcoming. Laid back with good energy, Killian Deats was once a part of the student body himself. At one point during our interview he was asked how he liked Blackman; his response was simple and genuine. "I love...

New Teachers in the Know: Nickolas Martinez

Mckenzie Clarke, Copy Editor

August 25, 2016

"Don't trust atoms. They make up everything." This is a joke that Mr. Martinez would easily understand. One of the many new teachers here to guide students on the path to education and success, Martinez teaches chemistry down in the F-hall. Despite it being his first year at Blackman, Mr. Martinez...

A Familiar Face In A New Place: Mr. Pedigo, Our New Assistant Principal

A Familiar Face In A New Place: Mr. Pedigo, Our New Assistant Principal

Neko Collins, News Editor

August 22, 2016

The Blackman Voice congratulates Tim Pedigo on his promotion as an assistant principal. In preparation for this position, Pedigo was a dean for several years; he has been a teacher here at Blackman High School for the past ten years. "The transition hasn’t been easy, but it [has] been smooth. ...

Strahan Signs with Pikeville

Jared Robinson, Reporter

March 11, 2016

  Corey Strahan has recently committed to the University of Pikeville to play soccer. The central midfielder has played soccer all of his high school and middle school career, and he fell in love with the game at a young age. This is a great example of hard work and dedication leading to a...

BHS Dog Grooming Service

January 21, 2016

Blackman High School's Agricultural Department is adding a new branch to their classes: a new dog grooming service. "This will give the students an opportunity to participate in other branches of animal care," stated Charles Howard, agricultural  teacher. The new dog grooming service includes ...

Choir Boasts Midstate and Allstate Winners

Lizzy Zink, Copy Editor

November 23, 2015

This year, Blackman High School had the most students in Midstate or Allstate in Rutherford county with 23 students. Adrien Fitzwater, senior, got second chair overall for tenors (the highest chair that the men's and women's choir offers) and first chair in his choir. "I've been doing choir fo...