New rules and regulations change daily routines at Blackman


Ally Blake and Lexie Shumate

From the slightly less crowded hallways to our new Impact system, Blackman is changing. For example, last year the administration allowed headphones to be worn in the hallway. This year, some of our rules and regulations have changed, and the administration has implemented a few new systems. 

One of the major changes that affects a Blackman student’s daily life is the new Impact schedule. Instead of having Connect classes on Monday and our usual impact classes on the other days, we now have Connect classes on Friday.  

When teachers have Impact on their selected days, students can stay in that teacher’s classroom if they don’t have an Impact pass. When teachers do not have Impact, their students go to holding areas or other classrooms 

Students are wondering why we changed a system that seemed to run well last year.  

“We’re always looking for ways to improve,” said Tim Pedigo, assistant principal. This new Impact system makes sure that students remained focused on academic work and that teachers are more accessible to students.  

Another change that has affected the way we interact throughout the school day is the new phone policy. In the past, teachers would confiscate our phones until the end of class or the end of the school day.  

Now teachers will send an email to administrators, and you’ll face the consequences in the next couple periods. 

“It makes more sense the way we do it now because last year a student having their phone taken up would disrupt the class, but now it’s so much easier and organized,” said Ashlyn Bell, senior. 

The way students access their grades has also changed. Last year we worked with a software program called Information Now. This year we have switched to a newer program called Skyward. 

The difference between these two programs is the layout, and Skyward shows the student a pie chart of their grade averages in each class. Because the layout has changed, if a student is having trouble navigating it, they can talk to their teacher or go to guidance.  

Like Pedigo said, Blackman is always wanting to improve the old to make the new better for teachers and students. Who knows what’s next?