Yay or Nay: YOU

Yay or Nay:  YOU

Chloe Blake and Savannah Blades

YOU is a new series on Netflix that has been under constant fire. The show involves a stalker, murder, and “true love.” The main character, played by Penn Badgley, falls in love with a college girl called Bec. In pursuits to make her fall for him, he embarks on a journey of lust, jealousy and most drastically, murder. Many people on social media have voiced their opinions some being for and others against. Two of our very own Blackman Voice staff members with conflicting viewpoints came together to express their thoughts. 

Chloe’s Nay Review: 

   In September of 2018You was released on Netflix. This thriller series didn’t gain immediate popularity, but it recently resurfaced and captured the attention of many avid Netflix viewers. Seeing that I had some spare time on my hands and had heard good things from family and friends, I began to watch the series.  

     The first episode started off strangely, as the show is based from Joe, the main character’s perspective. The show switches back and forth between what is happening in the present with the other characters and then back to Joe’s thoughts. Essentially, the series revolves around Joe’s psychotic priorities and his immense obsession with Beck, a girl he met at the bookstore where he works. Throughout the series, Joe pulls off all kinds of stunts, such as murdering Beck’s ex-boyfriend, best friend, and even his own neighbor. Stunts such as these would seemingly add excitement and curiosity to a television series, but that wasn’t necessarily the case with this show.  

With this show, exaggerated murders and violence seem somewhat misplaced considering the calm, careless mood Joe gives off. This contrast is quite confusing to viewers. Joe performs these illegal deeds while maintaining his casual unconcerned demeanor, which somewhat throws off the intensity of these acts.  

Overall, this show is mediocre at best because of its confusing delivery as well as how overdone the psychotic acts truly are. 

Savannah’s Yay Review: 

     From the beginning the show captivated me with its eerie and inducing narrative. The actors chosen took on the personalities of their characters well and the scenes were thought out in a way that portrayed the extremist persona of Joe. Throughout the show, viewers have the perspective from Joe’s point of view. Joe is portrayed as a normal guy living in New York who’s trying to be a writer, but what the audience discovers is that he has a dark and twisted past. The lighting, the mood of the scenes, and perspective of the characters all made the show intriguing. Within the first episode, Beck and Joe accidentally bump into each other at a bar. Throughout this scene, the mood of the environment changes to become dramatic to fit the actions being portrayed. This aspect stood out to me because it was very different than most series these days.  

     My favorite scene would have to be when Beck and Joe meet for the second time in the bookstore he worked at. The scene foreshadowed what was in store for the characters throughout the rest of the show through subtle hints strategically placed in the episode. 

     The show, in my opinion, was well done. All the cinematography within this series is impressive. Due to the acting quality and features of the show, You was overall a great show.