Devin Lampitt: Blackman Voice Alumnnus


Kayla Donaldson, Reporter

Behind the scenes of her studies, she hosts her own radio show: The Basement, which airs every Wednesday from 2-3 p.m. on 88.3FM WMTS Murfreesboro at MTSU. Devin Lampitt is a Blackman High graduate who now attends MTSU, majoring in Journalism. 

Lampitt started out last semester as an intern and passed the tests required to get her own show. She wanted to get involved with music but didn’t want to make music. Instead she shows it off in a different format. 

During her internship she learned how to work things like the sound board and how to put in her extras (such as advertisements), so now she goes into the booth during her hour-long slots and is a one woman show.  

She enjoys that there are no boundaries or rules to her show and that she can talk about whatever music she has been liking at the time. She likes to switch it up and do what she is feeling, adding specials as she goes (such as one week’s all 90’s trend). 

“There are different teams for different things,” Lampitt said.  

Although she initially records the radio show solo, there is an MTSU production team who deal with scheduling when people record in the booth. They also have a tech team to make sure all the tech is in check. 

“The Basement is about where you can find the best underground music around. So, it’s about alternative underground music from decades, the 70’s all the way to present,she said. 

 Lampitt also mentions that she talks about indie and rock music as well as alternative styles. Additionally, whenever a good one comes across, she likes to also recommend some movies she has seen recently. 

When Lampitt looks back at her years at Blackman she overviews it positively, however she points out that when she was still in high school, she had a less positive opinion like many high schoolers do nowadays.  

 “I mean, it was fun, and I had some really good friends, but I think everybody goes through the struggles of high school,Lampitt stated.  

She says that now that she is older, and in college, she looks back on high school and does miss it occasionally. 

She loves that she now has a platform to share what bands and songs she has been really loving. 

 Whether it’s a small band or just something she thinks is underrated, Devin Lampitt likes to help people branch out into the alternative range of music.