Key Club Convention


Key Club again participated in the K-T District Convention and Leadership Conference.

This district placed third in the Ronald McDonald House award which was a contest where pull tabs from cans are collected to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald Program.

Congratulations to the following people for either winning an award individually or being a key factor for this division winning the award:

Katie Hart, senior, for placing third in the Oratorical contest

Al Thebphakone, senior, for winning most outstanding key clubber of division 1

Perri Farrington, freshman, being a helping contributor for placing third in the most outstanding Key club in division 1

Katie Hart, Zach Adams, senior,  and Kaylin Hathcook, sophomore, for placing first in the scrapbook competition

Jessie Curada, senior, for placing third in the Single Service award

Kayla Reed, senior, for placing third in the Achievement Award for the Platinum Division

Cody Ramangkoun, senior, for winning the Governor’s service award and the Ira R Gladson District Foundation Scholarship of excellence

“Though I won’t be able to go next year since I’m a senior, I think it was a lot of fun and I hope next year more people join key club so that they can go,” said senior Al Thebphankone.