Journalism Camp Offered at BHS in July


Lois Walker, Advisor

Cost: $60

Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday, July 19-22 from 9:00-2:30

Please bring a sack lunch daily. Snacks will be provided.

Guest Speaker:

Tyler Whetstone, political reporter for The Jackson Sun, is a 2010 graduate of Blackman High School. He served on The Blackman Voice staff for four years, his last year as editor-in-chief. He also was an established member of TrevEchoes at Trevecca, spending two of his years  as editor-in-chief and  a semester as an intern for The Daily Caller in Washington, D.C.

Classes and Labs:

All classes and labs will be taught by our adviser, Lois Walker, or editorial staff members.J camp flyer 2

Brinley Hineman, a former Voice staff member who is majoring in Communications at MTSU, will serve as assistant adviser for the camp.

Classes Offered:

1) Ethics and Other Qualities of a Good Reporter and Photographer

2) On Interviewing and Questioning— Your story will only be as good as your preparation.

3) News Writing  – What does a strong news story need? How do I keep my opinion out of the article? Who do I Interview?

4) Sports Writing— How do we cover sports when we can’t cover every game?  What is a great photo?

5) Photography— I just take selfies. How do I take  an artistic, interesting photo that enhances my story or is even a story by itself? What other tools can I use to make my photos more appealing?

6) Advertising and marketing — We need a broader readership. What can we do to make ourselves known in the community?

7) Graphic Design — Part of the appeal of a website is its appearance. Using Adobe CS, we will design advertising or other graphic elements to help improve reader appeal.

For more information , contact Lois Walker, [email protected], or [email protected]