Predictions for NBA Season Awards

Ethan Morrow, Section Editor

We are over half-way finished with the NBA season. It’s past the All-Star break, and teams are either resting, gearing up for the playoffs, or making a late season push for one of the bottom seeds. With that being said, we are beginning to get a better idea of who deserves the annual season awards.

MVP: The Warriors are in the midst of one of the most historic NBA seasons to date, and Steph Curry is at the middle of all of that. His scoring is up almost 7 PPG from last year, giving him a phenomenal 30 PPG, and he’s even rebounding well for a guard at 5 boards per game. Steph Curry is this year’s clear-cut MVP.

Defensive Player of the Year: Two words: Kawhi Leonard.

6th Man of the Year: The Clippers small ball lineup is what many people believe to be the key to besting the Warriors. The most important player in that lineup, and the first player of the Clipper bench, is Jamal Crawford. Crawford, who is known for being a dynamic scorer, has provided a serious spark for Doc Rivers’ squad.

Rookie of the Year: At the beginning of the year, the Rookie of the Year race was developing into one of the more interesting battles we have seen in recent memory. With the star-like emergence of Kristaps Porzingis and Karl-Anthony Towns, we had two polarizing rookies who were duking it out to be known as the league’s best. A couple months down the road, and there is only one left standing. Karl-Anthony Towns, fondly known as KAT, had pulled away from his competition. Averaging a double-double, and setting the NBA record for most double-doubles by a rookie, KAT is the clear-cut choice.

Most Improved Player: At the beginning of the season, everyone had written the Portland Trailblazers off. With key departures of Nic Batum, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Wes Matthews, Damian Lillard was all alone. That was, until the emergence of C.J. McCullom. With his scoring up over 14 PPG, alongside Dame, the Trailblazers are still playoff contenders in the West.