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Choir Presents All of Us United

March 4, 2016

Blackman High choruses perform their annual Black History concert, titled "All of Us United."Concert, Women's, and Select choruses sang. A variety of songs representing African-American culture were...

Seven Silly Sports to Conquer the Spring Break Blues

March 4, 2016

It still looks like winter outside most days, but we're in March now, getting ready for March Madness, the Ides of March, March winds, and yes, spring break. What do you do when you have three weeks before...

Blaze Basketball Keeps Burning Bright

March 3, 2016

  27-0. District 7AAA champions. What’s next? Blackman has been an unstoppable force this season, and they didn’t slow down in the district tournament. They overcame the Oakland Patriots...

TN Ready Testing: Will It BE Ready?

February 29, 2016

  TNReady testing appeared to have not been ready when the servers crashed all over the state on the first day of real testing. The testing has been moved to paper because the server crashed...

Super Tuesday at BHS!

February 29, 2016

Tomorrow, March 1st, is Super Tuesday. Many of you may only know it as the random day we get out of school. Others know it as Super Tuesday because it is one of the most important primary dates during...

Blaze Sports in the News

February 26, 2016

Basketball Lady Blaze won the 7-AAA Monday, February 22nd. Blaze won the 7-AAA Tuesday, February 23rd. Crystal Dangerfield, senior, won MVP for the District. Mia Greatrex, Jazz Bond, and Crystal...

This Week in Blaze Sports: February 26- March 4

February 26, 2016

Basketball February 26 Lady Blaze vs. Franklin County, 7:00 p.m. – Region 4-AAA Quarterfinals February 27 Blaze vs. Shelbyville, 7:00 p.m. –Region 4-AAA Quarterfinals Tennis March 4 Blaze...

Athlete of the Week: Matthew Sells

February 26, 2016

The Blackman Blaze wrestling team is fresh off a season that saw them boast an 18-5 record and ultimately win the district title over Siegel. A large part of that success is due to Matthew Sells, junior, who...

Blood Drive

February 25, 2016

BHS’s Student Council is hosting a blood drive in the auxiliary gym on Friday, Feb. 26. 44 students have signed up so far, but there are 97 donor spots available. “You come in and give blood....

Cheerleading Nationals Recap

February 24, 2016
"This is what high school athletics are about. It's about the overall experience; it's about the journey. It's about the relationships that you build; it's not just about that trophy," stated Gregory.

Captain For A Day: A Special Wish Come True

February 23, 2016

Freshman Julian Williams has been a student in Blackman schools for much of his life, but it wasn't until recently that he developed Parkinson's disease. Although he is almost always in severe pain, he...

Film-Inspired Band Concert

February 23, 2016

The band concert on February 11th featured an array of songs from popular films, including James Bond, How to Train Your Dragon, Aladdin, and a Danny Elfman medley. "It's cool because it lets us get...

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