Donate to Blackman’s toy drive to give back this holiday season

Mckenzie Wade, Reporter

“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves,” Helen Keller once stated. 

The holiday season is finally upon us, the season where people give a little more than usual and think of each other when purchasing heartwarming presents. The promise of Santa Claus, rewarding you for all your good deeds over the year, resides in many children’s minds. However, having to deliver presents to every good boy or girl in the world is tiresome, so Santa might need some help. 

During a SEL activity (Friday activities created for teacher-student bond)Assistant Principal Trakas introduced the ‘Toy Drive Challenge’ to the Blackman student population. This challenge consists of there being four different teams based on grade level, and each team is trying to donate the most toys. 

The donation boxes are in front of the main entrance to the cafeteria, and the toys brought will be placed in specified gradelevel boxes. Behind these boxes are decorated posters which count the standings of the classes. 

The ‘Toy Drive Challenge’ is a fun and safe way to get everyone in the holiday spirit and one way for students to give back to their community. These gifts will go to less fortunate families who have had an especially challenging time, so presents are one thing they will not have to worry about this holiday season. 

The challenge is through the Toys for Tots organizationand gifts will go directly to those in our community. Blackman High School is a strong, united team, and giving back to the community is one thing Blackman considers to be important.  

Receiving gifts is always fun, but the feeling when giving is indescribable. This toy drive can lift one up during this season, since this year people may not feel as in the holiday spirit as previous ones. Not only can giving back lift one’s own spirits, but it will also lift the spirits of children in need. 

Students can donate any new toys in the specified class-ranked boxes in front of the main gym to ensure their class wins as well as helping to give back to the community. Students can also drop items off in the front office; students include their name and grade to ensure their class receives credit. The competition ends on December 16th,  so do not waste any time on these donations.