Blackman Voice Athletes of The Month September 2020

Ricky Guilmette, Reporter

Recently, The Blackman Voice Staff caught up with our Athletes of The Month for September of 2020. Congratulations to Mark Cooper and Ashllyn King!

Mark Cooper, Senior, Football

How long have you played football?

Cooper: I have been playing for 13 years.

Do you want to play football after high school?

Cooper: I haven’t decided if I want to play football or basketball yet.

Favorite part about playing football?

Cooper: Playing with my teammates under Friday night lights.

Advice or inspiration for other athletes?

Cooper: If you really want to be great you have to put in the time and go get it.

A fun fact about you?

Cooper: This is my first year playing receiver

Ashllyn King, Senior, Volleyball

How long have you played Volleyball?
King: I have played Volleyball since I was in the 6th grade but I have been around it my whole life.
Do you want to play Volleyball after high school?
King: I will be playing volleyball at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville after high school and cannot wait.
Favorite part about playing Volleyball?
King: My favorite part about playing is the bonds I create with my teammates and competing in big games where the energy and pressure is high.
Advice or inspiration for other athletes?
King: For other athletes, I would say to never settle and continue to push yourself because you can always improve in some aspect of your game.
A fun fact about you?
King: A fun fact about myself is that I have re-watched the whole Grey’s anatomy series four times.