June Boys: A race against time and a race for the truth

Matt Taylor, Reporter

Courtney Stevens visited Blackman High on March 6th to talk to students about her newest book June Boys.

June Boys is about a serial kidnapper called the Gemini Thief who takes three boys and holds

them captive from June 1st to June 30th the following year. These “June boys” survive thirteen

months of imprisonment before they are released. The boys are unharmed;

however, the game changes when one of the boys turns up dead.

Thea Delacroix believes the Gemini Thief has taken her cousin Aulus McClaghen as their thirteenth victim. Thea, with the help of her boyfriend Nick and her friends, is determined to find the thief and remaining boys. Not long after the search, she starts thinking of a repulsive and unbelievable, yet not impossible, idea: What if her father is the Gemini Thief?

“The book was amazing, and it really gets you questioning who the Gemini Thief really is. It was all around a book I really enjoyed and would read again,” stated Olivia Sawyer, sophomore.

Although Stevens came to Blackman High for a book signing, she focused more on connecting with the students.

“She connected better to the people in the crowd than other authors I’ve talked with. I want to say she focused more on having fun with us than just promoting the books. Honestly, one of the [most fun and funniest] authors I’ve met so far,” said Anna Meadows, freshman.

Throughout the event, Stevens interacted with the students. Courtney and the students all made a video for Courtney’s friend, in which they all shouted,” WE BELIEVE IN BIGFOOT!”

“Whatever it is you want in life, go after it like you can’t imagine living without it.””

— Courtney Stevens

Courtney Stevens writes coming-of-truth fiction. She is the community outreach manager for

Warren County Public Library located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Stevens grew up in Kentucky and currently lives in Nashville. She is a former adjunct professor,

youth minister, Olympic Torchbearer, and an author. Stevens has currently written six novels.

If you would like to learn more about Stevens, you can check out her website: http://www.courtneycstevens.com

If you would like to read June Boys, it is available at local bookstores, the BHS library, and the Linebaugh library