Why you need to register to vote


Lexie Shumate

Voter Registration image

Lexie Shumate, Reporter

Millennials do not believe that their opinion matters. Only 50% of registered voters who were under 35 voted in the 2016 election, and their feeling of the unimportance of their opinion is one reason why.  

At Blackman High School, students have the opportunity to register to vote at school. 

Michele Giacobbi, the Advanced Placement government teacher, said it is important for young people to vote, “because you need to have a say in his country.” 

“So that my issues get talked about the way I want them to. And so that the policies that I want get incorporated,” said a senior in Giacobbi’s class, Jaia Peterson.  

Since the 2016 presidential election many young people believe their opinions have not been considered. To ensure that their opinions matter in the political system, they need to register to vote. 

“I want to be a part of the political system as early as possible.” said Alexander Bartram, a senior who registered this year.  

 “No matter what you’re going to be involved in, it’s going to be affected by the government eventually. They’ll have control over taxes and what you can and can’t say. Government can change really fast, and if you’re not there to control how it goes, it could end up horribly for you,” said Bartram, who wanted to reassure people who are unsure if they want to vote.  

It is incredibly important to vote, and it is easy to register to vote. 

If you’re interested in registering to vote, you should go to room D2. Already, 92 students have been registered in the past few weeks, so go see Giacobbi so that you can join them.