College planning night


Mckenzie Wade, Reporter

The pressure has been building: juniors are beginning to think about what college they plan to attend as seniors are already applying to their dream colleges. Meanwhile, other students are panicking about what their future may or may not hold.  

Blackman High’s senior counselor Christine Bryan has a busy year set ahead for her; she is constantly helping the 2020 senior class. Bryan is especially busy with the annual college planning night coming up on September 30th 

Blackman High’s counseling team is hard at work trying to get the most colleges and institutions attending for the big night. Currently, 114 colleges or institutions plan to attend college planning night.  

Some of the colleges or institutions attending this year include Arkansas State, University of Alabama, Auburn University, Belmont, Cumberland University, Duke, Florida State, Lipscomb, MTSU, University of Louisville, Tennessee State, Vanderbilt, and Virginia Tech.

Information sessions that night will be on FAFSA/HOPE Scholarship/ Tennessee Promise, College Admissions Process, Scholarships, Why AP?, ACT, and NCAA.  

Parents and students from all grades are welcome to attend.

Link to colleges attending planning night:…/Colleges attending college night.docx