TESTS, Tests, and More Tests

The 2018-2019 school year is ending soon, and finals are just around the corner! 

Now that EOCs are finished, and APs are starting next week, it’s also time for finals in non-EOC courses.

The exam schedule for seniors is as follows:  

  • May 9th=7th period Senior Exam 
  • May 10th= 5th and 6th period Senior Exams 
  • May 13th= 3rd and 4th period Senior Exams 
  • May 14th= 1st and 2nd period Senior Exams  


Final exams for the rest of the grades are as follows:: 

  • May 21st= 1st period Exam 
  • May 22nd= 2nd and 3rd period Exams 
  • May 23rd= 4th and 5th period Exams  
  • May 24th= 6th and 7th period Exams 


May 29 is a 2-hour report card day, but unless you ride a bus, you can come get your report card and leave.