Future Aviators in The Making

Katelyn Morrow, Reporter

Aviation, invented in 1903, is based on the Latin word “avis” for bird. In general, the word aviation means the flying of aircraft for commercial and military purposes. It can also involve the design and development of aircrafts.  

The Future Aviators club that we have here at BHS take part in some fun projects that involve aviation. 

“We do things like egg drops, its mainly just building stuff, we dropped eggs off the band tower and built things to try and keep them safe and were about to start building rockets,” stated the Future Aviator president, Mitchell Gale, senior. 

Although none of the members of future aviators have their pilot license, a couple are working towards it and participate in out-of-school aviation programs.  

“No, I think we’ve got some that are working towards it. Some are members of the civil air patrol and stuff like that but they’re not licensed aviators yet,” stated Elisa Burks, the club sponsor.  

Simon Michael, a member of the Future Aviators club, explains how someone could get involved with aviation.   

“First is having a liking to it, a passion to it. And going from there, trying the various activities, like we did an egg drop that really got us interested, and learning about the history,” stated Simon 

Burks has a similar start to aviation and her interest began with her father. 

“My father has a private pilot’s license; he took me flying sometimes,” stated Burks. 

Luckily for those who have an interest in aviation, Murfreesboro is home to one of the top-flight schools in Tennessee and the Southeast.  Murfreesboro Aviation offers flight training for beginners and advanced.  

If someone was interested in receiving their pilot license, they would first need to complete 40 hours of flight time. To keep the license current, every 2 years you must do a flight review. 

Future Aviators offers an opportunity for those who are interested in flight, pilots, airplanes, or aeronautics. There is vast majority of aspects in aviation that anyone can find their interests in.