Spending Less at Prom


Sienna Phillips, News Editor

Since the very beginning, prom has been known as the most magical night of everyone’s high school career. Everyone who attends usually spends upwards of $500 for their special night. The girls spend a lot of money for hair, makeup, and of course, the dress.  

This year, the Friends of Rachel club paired up with Becca’s Closet in donating many dresses for girls in Blackman High School who can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a prom dress, or would rather save and spend a little extra on other areas. The idea for this project was brought up by Celina Williams (junior). 

To make an appointment to try on dresses in Mrs. Cooks classroom (C-20) stop by her room or email her at [email protected]! Don’t bother stressing about the cost of the dress and stop by to get one!