Should Gym Dress Code Be Required?


Shamani Salahhuddin

This is the current gym uniform at Blackman.

Maddy Williams and Mia Isom

Yes They Should be Required:No They Shouldn't be Required:
“I think gym uniforms are necessary but could use a few changes,” stated Ceylon Jones, sophomore. Workout attire is needed in order to do the tasks efficiently in gym class, but gym uniforms are not necessarily required, explained Jones. Gym clothes could easily be worn from clothes you already have at home.
Students may not already own the proper attire for gym class. They’d have to buy something else in order to dress out for gym. Uniforms keep this from being an issue. “The uniforms are extremely uncomfortable, and they are not even stylish,” said Jones.
“It is easier because you know what you are going to wear. They do not have the excuse to not dress out. Some people do not have shorts and a t-shirt, or they don’t have the desire to buy something like that. It’s easier to be able to buy a uniform that the school provides,” stated Campbell. High school provides freedom in various ways, yet students are forced to wear a uniform in gym class. Students are not required to wear uniforms to school during the day, yet they must for gym. “If I were to make the rules, I would let students bring in their own workout clothes. That way, they can be more comfortable while they are doing the activities,” stated Jones.
Gym uniforms make sure students have something to wear during gym since some students may not have the proper attire to wear. This provides an easy solution to a complex issue. If students were able to bring in their own clothes, they would be more comfortable, which might motivate them to work out. They could bring in school-appropriate clothing to wear during gym class. This would also give them multiple outfits to wear, making laundry easier.
“The students should be comfortable while they are participating in class. They should be able to make their own choices in what to wear for the class,” said Jones.
“I think students could wear what they wanted, but they’d have to be in dress code. Uniforms allow this to not be a problem,” said Campbell. The gym teacher could formulate a dress code, so that students would dress appropriately for gym. They could wear what they wanted while still following the rules. This is another solution that could solve this pressing issue that students face.
“Students could wear sweatpants without shorts underneath. Also, I would change the design of the uniforms,” said Campbell.
Dress code could easily be violated by students bringing in their own clothes. Short length is a problem as well as leggings being questioned since they are out of the normal dress code. Having uniforms prevents this from being an issue. Campbell would change a few minor details to make the gym experience easier. She must check to see if they are wearing their gym shorts under their sweatpants, which is an unnecessary detail. She would also change the uniforms by the name line not being on the shirts and shorts, so they would be more attractive.
“When the girls put on their uniforms, it’s not very flattering and it doesn’t feel good for one’s self-confidence because people do come in and out of the gym and it’s not just us girls by ourselves, so I feel like the uniforms are unnecessary,” stated Makenzie McAlexander, sophomore.
“I think they keep everyone in dress code,” stated Shelby Campbell, gym teacher. Being a high school student can be overwhelming and nerve-wrecking, especially when you have a physical education class in your schedule. Wearing a uniform can make students more self-conscious than they already are due to the atmosphere of high school.
“I feel like dress code is strict, and I don’t like the uniforms. I think bringing a pair of sweatpants and a shirt from home would suffice,” said Jenna Bratcher, sophomore.
Coach Campbell explained that uniforms keep her from having to question if students are in dress code. Also, uniforms are an easy way to keep track of points. If the student is wearing the uniform, then they get the points. “Wearing the same thing every day in a class that makes you sweat is gross. I remember that some days I would go to change and sweat from the day before would still be there. It is very unsanitary because of this. Some students who do not have the proper workout clothes at home have the chance to wear something that is from the school. However, some kids will go on for weeks without washing it, making it seem like we should at least be able to bring workout clothes from home,” stated Carter Kleinschmidt, sophomore.
A big issue with gym uniforms is that there is not time in most students’ schedules to wash it every day. If you brought clothes from home, this problem would be eliminated.
Campbell believes that the uniforms are necessary in order to keep students from violating dress code. Students could easily get out of dress code if they did not have uniforms. “I would allow students to come into gym and bring exercise clothes from home. This is so they can wear what they want and not be wearing the same thing from the day before. When you have students who are not wearing adequate clothes for exercise, they can have points counted off for it,” stated Kleinschmidt.
Having points counted off for not wearing the uniform can cause problems for students’ grades. Being able to bring clothes from home would lessen this problem. Clearly, there are various ways that gym dress code could be altered and changed.