Midterm: Tips and Tricks


Mia Isom, Reporter

Exam time can be stressful and difficult. These are some tips to help you manage yourself during exams. 

Trick #1: Go To Sleep 

Get a good night’s sleep before the exam, so you’re not tired the day of testing. Don’t stay up late trying to cram information in your brain. 

“Cramming is the most ineffective way to study because it only moves information to your short-term memory. It actually takes less study time overall if you study in short sessions every night as soon as you get your study materials. Identify your weak spots, work with friends to find/create study tools, and over learn the information. The night before the exam, you should be focused only on the material you have struggled to retain because you already know the rest!” said Lois Walker, AP Psychology teacher. 

Tip #2: Organization 

Organizing your notes and the area that you study in will help declutter your mind and your work area. It’s good to have a clean and organized place to study. 

“It’s difficult sense students are already completing work, and along with that teachers are having to create a midterm outside of what they’re already working on. Which means students are having to study outside of what they’re doing in class,” said Andrew Feyka, English teacher. 

Trick #3:  Study Group 

Get together with a group of people and have a study session. You may have questions on topics that you don’t understand, and you can also help your group with things that they don’t understand. This way everyone gains something helpful to them. 

Tip #4: Keep All Notes 

You might not know what material is specifically on your exam. So, it’s best to keep any practice tests and notes on that general subject to go over them before the exam. 

Trick #5:  Write What You Know 

If you write down information you already know, it will be easier to fill in the missing pieces. Writing down things that you know helps you remember the things that you start to forget. 

Tip #6: Eat Healthy Foods  

Your brain needs to focus on the exam and in order to do that you need to eat brain foods; brain foods are full of protein. These foods are eggs, nuts, yogurt, and any kind of fruit or vegetable. 

Trick #7: Exam Questions 

Answer the ones that you are already positive about getting right. There is no point in wasting the short amount of time you already have on questions you don’t understand. 

Tip #8: Be Early 

Wake up and start your day a few minutes earlier than you normally would to give yourself extra time. Exam days are already rushed and stressful enough, so the last thing you need is to be late.  

“Don’t procrastinate and start studying earlier so that you don’t put it off because then you’ll have to stay up late which takes away from your resting time,” stated Christina Vongsiharath, Sophomore. 

Trick #9: Read Carefully 

These exams are designed to make you think about what you’re really answering. Use the process of elimination to save time. 

Tip#10: Prepare your Materials 

Preparing your materials ahead of time will help you feel less stressed and ready to go on exam day. Set all of your materials for your exam out, then what you’ll wear on that day, and plan on what food your bringing so you don’t have to rush. 

These are tips and tricks that will make your exams less stressful. Always remember that there are easier ways of doing things rather than cramming!