BHS Holi-Daze


Danielle Paredes, Editor-In-Chief

Blackman is celebrating the holiday season, so show your Christmas spirit by participating in the BHS Holi-Daze spirit week! Here is the theme for each week:

Monday, Dec. 10th 

Wacky Tacky Holi-Daze (Holiday Inspired Ugly Sweaters, Socks, Hats, and Ties)

Tuesday, Dec. 11th

Holi-Daze Pictures With Dante At Lunch

Wednesday, Dec. 12th

Home For the Holiday-Daze (Holiday Inspired PJ’s and Comfy Clothes)

Thursday, Dec. 13th

Holi-Daze Inspired Caroling

Friday, Dec. 14th

50% off at Sketch-It-Up During Lunch