New School Policies that Affect Blackman


Mia Isom

Bailey Hughes, sophomore, is one of many students who enjoys newly allowance of earbuds in the hallways.

The school policies have been changed, but are they for the better? Many members of the faculty at Blackman and the student body have various opinions on if the new rules have helped. 

Policy Change #1 

Students may wear their earbuds in the hallway and listen to music getting to their next class. 

“Music is kind of a release for me, it’s the only thing I connect to like on a mental scale,” Vanessa Whitten, junior, stated.  

Some students like the idea of having a release while still being able to attend the school environment.  

“Yes, I have seen an impact. I think it has helped in the hallways with fewer disruptions, and I think a lot of students enjoy the option of being able to wear their headphones. For some, it’s a calming effect, so I think it’s been a good move. Some students have anxiety or a preference to listen to music in the halls, and with the crowded hallways it makes the school more comforting and easier to navigate through their day,” Scott Lawless, assistant principal, stated.  

Despite there being negatives to wearing earbuds in the hallways like missing announcements and/or instructions, students can work on being aware of their surroundings while still getting to enjoy the benefits of listening to their music. Getting to listen to music in the hallways is a privilege that students can take advantage of while still being respectful to the school.  

Policy Change #2 

Students who have 10 or more absences may not participate in graduation or prom. 

The new attendance policy has been implemented in all Rutherford County Schools, and it has affected the upperclassmen of the student body here at Blackman High.  

“I have to abide by the policies, so I have to enforce them; I can’t really step outside of those guidelines,” Jones, baseball coach, stated.  

“The policy [has] an impact at the state level, which tells us to encourage attendance in our students,” Lawless stated.  

Clearly, the new attendance policy has affected many members of the Blackman staff. They want to encourage students to be present and attentive as much as possible and reduce tardiness. 

“I don’t think it’s fair; I think that sometimes we need a break from school.”  Gracie Tynes, senior, stated.  

This policy is going to affect everyone differently based on how they choose to adapt. 

Policy Change #3  

The new tardy policy at Blackman says that if you are late to class you have Lunch and Learn.  

“Sometimes it’s not the students’ fault that they’re late because they give us like five minutes to get through a building that’s bigger than like the white house, so I presume that it’s not fair, but what am I, just a student right?” Daniel Parks, senior, stated. 

Students and faculty may have different outlooks on the new policies, but feedback is what helps improve policies and student involvement.