BHS EOC Testing Schedule

Alaysia Brown, Reporter

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EOC and ACT testing will be approaching in the next few weeks at Blackman High School. The testing schedule is unlike the ones we have had in the past. The schedule is a mix of block and roll over days. Along with the schedule include are do’s and dont’s  for testing time. 

The newest addition to the testing days are roll over days. The idea behind this concept is that whatever classes you don’t do to one day will be rolled over to the next. If you take your 1st through 5th classes on Monday, then on Tuesday you will start with your 6th and 7th periods. 

The first two days on the schedule are block days to accommodate the first two days of English testing. The rest of the week will be roll over days, followed by two more block days at the end of the testing period. 


  • Study gradually throughout the days/ weeks during and before testing 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast 
  • Sleep at least 7 hours the night before 
  • Bring snacks for when you finish your test 
  • Bring study guides/review sheets to work on when you finish your test 


  • Do all your studying the night before 
  • Drink a lot of water before the test (No/Limited Bathroom Breaks) 
  • Fall asleep during the testing period. 
  • Cheat 
  • Waste time on hard problems, if you’re having problems skip it and come back to it later 


General Tips 

  • Pace yourself on the writing section. 
  • Read the questions first. 
  • Study with friends. 
  • Take practice tests. 
  • Ask your teachers for study sessions or extra work before the test. 
  • Go to the bathroom before the test