The Doors of our History: C&I Decorating Contest


Ms. Willette’s door also won for Best Overall, depicting George Washington Carver and his peanut tree.

Emonee Collins Carter, Reporter

It’s Black History Month at Blackman High School, and the student body has participated in a variety of activities, such as pasting informational posters of HBCUs in the hallways,  to promote that fact around the school.  

 Another such activity that has been underway at Blackman is the door decorating contest, a competition designed to allow students an opportunity to proudly display their history. 

 “The door decorating contest was designed to give students an opportunity to explore and represent the various aspects of African-American history. All students obviously cannot be enrolled in African-American history class, and this gives everyone a chance to see our rich history displayed throughout the school,” stated criminal justice and African-American history teacher, Pamela Recasner. 

 The contest took place between Monday, February 12th,  and Wednesday, February 14th, with judging occurring on Thursday, February 15th.  It was sponsored by Blackman High School’s African-American history class which is taught by Recasner.  

 The were four categories in which to win: Best Overall, Most Inspiring, Best Historical Display, and Most Original. They are listed as follows:

Best Overall: Hamby and Gillette

Most Inspiring: Askland and Holl

Best Historical Display: Flagg and Burks

Most Original: Delbridge and The Front Office

The panel of judges consisted of principal Dr. Leisa Justus, custodian Rayshawn Frazier, CTE Administrator Rosalin Scales, bookkeeper Juliet Oncale, and cafeteria manager Debbie Young.

The top winners from each category will receive a doughnut and juice breakfast from Donut Country.