Training With Endurance: Sports Spotlight


Yukio Mariner

Megan Roth, News Reporter

Tucked away in the sophomore class, Yukio Mariner recently underwent rigorous Olympic training for cycling.

From October 10th through the 14th USAC (USA Cycling) held the Olympic training. This prestigious training program was by invitation only for a mere 20 boys in the nation. During the training, students learned about the art of racing in Europe, proper nutrition, and how to stay away from drugs in the sport.

“The camp helped expose me to new coaching styles and new techniques to help maximize my race performance,” stated Mariner.

For the aspiring athlete, the training camp was an exciting experience.

“There were famous Olympic coaches that helpedĀ  run the camp, which was really cool,” said Mariner.

However, the camp wasn’t only for learning new ways to cycle. It also served as a way to meet cyclers from all over the nation.

“There were a lot of boys from all over the U.S. there, and I’m still in contact with most of them,” Mariner stated.

Mariner is also involved in the Blackman Collegiate Academy. The Collegiate Academy is an organization that pushes its students to take difficult classes and participate in extracurriculars.

“Mariner is a solid student,” stated Donna Boyd, BCA Advanced Honors English II teacher.

Sports paired with good grades is a certified path to success. Mariner’s recent experience may be only the beginning of his Olympic and academic excellence.